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Whether you have started thinking about building your personalized home, or upgrade your existing residence, you need a qualified home builder working for you. However, it isn’t always simple to find the home building services company that gives you the creative freedom that you deserve.

They may force you to stick to specific blueprints, or they may provide a few upgraded amenities and nothing more. Instead, you can enjoy your customized dream home by choosing Doug Bryan Homes.

For more than  40 years of service in the College Station Texas and Bryan communities, we assist more residents in discovering a better way to live. When copycat tract housing doesn’t do enough for your preference, we offer all the home builder services you need the most.

Being the home builder Bryan Tx. contact us now to start designing your ideal home today. No one else knows custom construction better than our office.

General Contractors

Believe it or not, your initial consultation is among the most crucial steps of your design process. Our staff provides two ways to set up your appointment so that you have the meeting that feels most comfortable for you.

We provide a 15-minute preliminary call where we discuss your questions and concerns over the phone. That way we can quickly break down how we operate, your costs, and your design needs, allowing us to get right to work sketching it out.

Or, if you prefer to meet face-to-face, you can schedule an in-office consultation. These 45-minute sessions allow us to go over the details more in depth, as well as gives us the opportunity to meet who we are working for over the next few months.

Whichever meeting works best for you, we want you to experience your ideal new home faster. Reach out today to book your first design meeting now.

Custom Home Builder

After we know more about what you need from your custom blueprints, we add it all into your initial home design plan. Once we have it all in place, we then review it with you before construction begins.

That way, you can see what the estimated expenses will run, as well as how all your items flow together. At this point, we need to know of any further changes that are required before we start building your new home.

We act as your personal architect, putting more than 40 years of construction knowledge to work for your plans. Let us help you discover your perfect personalized home today.

New Home Construction

One of the best feelings in the world is coming home to a home that you helped design. When you understand that it’s a unique, one of a kind dwelling that sets you apart from your neighbors, it instills a sense of pride that can’t get beaten.

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